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Part 1 or Part 2? What’s the difference?

I usually offer these two yoga courses for beginners, part 1 on Mondays and part 2 on Wednesdays.
What is the difference between them, you may be wondering 🙂

In part 1 we start with the absolute basics, learning to manipulate our breath (pranayama), and synchronising the breath and movement (asana). We learn how to create ease in the body through waves, expansion and contraction. We explore different movements of the legs, the spine and activate our universal core. There is a lot of repetition to create a sense of familiarity and support.

In part 2 we continue cultivating the flow of breath and movement to create a sense of ease and space in the body and mind. Playing with a concept of balance which can be challenging literally but also mentally and emotionally, We create a healthy foundation for safe backbends which are in fact great chest openers. To counterbalance our sedentary lifestyle we learn how to open our hips and twist the spine. Finally we explore the strength of our upper body and learn what the inversions are about. 

Completing both courses gives you a great insight into what the physical yoga practice is about but most importantly how these movements feel in your body, where you feel comfortable and how this practice can help you get stronger, more mobile, mindful and balanced physically, emotionally and mentally.

Part 1 and Part 2 courses cover different elements complementing each other and therefore I recommend exploring both. If you’d like to join one or both, check the calendar, book your space and I’ll see you on the mat.

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