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On-Demand Yoga Classes

Practice in the Comfort of Your Home

What is On-Demand Yoga Studio?

A collection of a mix of dynamic and slower paced, full-length yoga classes that we have practiced in the last year together.

Each class will focus on either different aspect of the practice, different movement or part of the body which gives you a variety to choose from. Classes tagged as ‘Slow’ are suitable for beginners.

Some classes have been recorded in the studio therefore may include some interaction between me and the participants of the class, which may help you feel like you’re in the class with other people.

Other classes are recorded in my little flat where I try to navigate between my furnitures, the experience that I’m sure many of you, practising at home can relate to 🙂

You can use tags to filter through the classes if you’re looking for something specific.

Have a look at what’s available and enjoy your practice.

Access All classes for 60 days
Access Single class for 14 days
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