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My body is my best friend

Recently I turned 45. It was a very different birthday for me. For the first time in years, decades even, I really felt that this life that I have, the body that I have is worth some appreciation and celebration. It was a very honest, deep need that I felt within. Maybe it’s the middle age thing, maybe the experience of pandemic and lockdowns, I don’t know. I simply felt it’s time to celebrate what I have a little more 🙂

I am where I am thanks to my yoga practice, thanks to the time I dedicated to be with myself, the time I spent learning how to understand the language of my own body, the time I spent on healing, rebalancing all the systems in my body. 
When I was younger I didn’t feel good in my body, there were so many things I wanted to change in how I look, I felt insecure, different, misunderstood, this constant discomfort in my back was making me restless, anxious all the time. I was angry at everyone, everything, in the end also at myself. And it turns out that the one thing I needed to do was just to start paying attention to myself so that I can understand and then I will no longer feel misunderstood. It’s mind blowing that the way out of my little misery was so simple.

The truth is that we all have something we could recalibrate, it could be changing the movement pattern, how we use, treat our body, changing what we feed it with, literally, but also the information we feed our mind with, what we say, what we pay attention to as this is where our energy goes. I’m not saying that there is something wrong with all of us and we all need to be fixed. But many of us feel uncomfortable and often we don’t know why. We change places, friends, partners, jobs, we buy things, treatments and it helps for a moment or two.

Because of my own experience I’m dedicated to sharing what helps me with everyone who is willing to change something in their life. So this is a message to those of you who feel uncomfortable in your own skin, if you don’t like your body getting old, if you’re struggling with aches and pains, if you don’t like your life…. please do not give up on your body, don’t give up on your life. We were all born to experience these obstacles but only to learn how to overcome them.

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