Yoga in Forest Hill

Yoga in Forest Hill at MindBody Therapy Centre, South London.
I had an interesting conversation last week with Devon Burke, the owner and therapist of MindBody Therapy Centre in Forest Hill, South London where I teach yoga every Tuesday. We were talking about various treatments and classes this place has to offer and will offer in future and also about Devon’s vision of helping people to understand their own bodies and different conditions. Him and his team are creating a place where people are taken care of on many levels, looked at from different angles and offered a chance to learn how to take care of themselves. So let’s say you come to have a massage because you’re in pain then apart from having a treatment you’d be also advised which exercises and classes could help you to avoid the pain in future. Sounds logical and obvious, but very often you don’t get this overall service. And this reminded me actually how therapeutic yoga practice is, on so many levels, ‘fixing’ so many problems we are not even aware of, bringing our body into balance.

Yoga practice is definitely a lifetime journey, not a quick fix. But even one yoga session can give you instant gratification and relief. Very often it’s the pain and our body problems that bring us to our first yoga class and what we want is just to feel better, pain-free and stress-free. But then our yoga practice through the poses, focus and breathing is showing us all other imbalances in our body or mind. Showing us how it’s all connected and one won’t work without the other. And I must admit I find it fascinating.
We come to yoga classes with a variety of conditions.
Most of us are stressed and lacking balance, we are simply too busy, having too much to do and not knowing how to stop and listen to our inner wisdom that we all have. We can calm our mind in yoga.
Many of us suffer from postural problems like lower or upper back, neck or shoulders pain and this is very often caused by seating at the desk long hours and forgetting to stretch from time to time. And if we don’t move our core is weaker which is affecting our posture in general. We can strengthen our muscles doing yoga.
We accumulate the emotions in our neck and shoulders, our thighs and hips and these areas become very stiff. We can improve our flexibility doing yoga.
More and more people suffer from poor digestion, IBS, obesity and diabetes, various causes but yoga with it’s overall approach helps to deal with these problems and the symptoms. Because it helps to bring different body functions, systems to balance.
A lot of people cannot breathe freely, suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems. In yoga class we apply pranayama (breathing exercises) to improve the pulmonary functions and find a calm, relaxed rhythm in our own breath.

The list of problems yoga can help with is of course much longer and the deeper we move into our yoga practice, the more profound the benefits will be.

If you would like to know more about Benefits of Regular Yoga Practice please have a look here.

TO BOOK YOGA CLASSES please CONTACT ME or call Mindbody Therapy Centre on 020 3417 6108

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