Strong Upper Body – video

Flexibility or strength? Which is your main challenge on a yoga mat?
For me it was always the second. I remember my first few months of yoga practice when I couldn’t understand how people were able to come to chaturanga dandasana (four-limbed staff pose) without collapsing on their faces. I wish I’d recorded my whole journey with this pose because I honestly thought at some point that I’d never be able to do it.
It’s an integral part of my everyday practice now and it simply feels good to have a stronger body. I’m using and challenging the muscles that have been neglected for a while and it’s a good feeling to find more strength and feel my upper body really active ?

If this pose is a challenge for your body as well, try this simple exercise….. and enjoy your journey !

Happy and healthy spine – video

Another short video to help you in your home practice.

Let’s think about our spine more often, not only when it hurts. Let’s get into the habit of moving it regularly. Few minutes a day will do, either in the morning to awaken the body or in the evening to stretch the back after the long busy day. It’s easy, no experience is required. Listen to your body, find more space when you start flexing and extending your spine. Allow the breath to guide your movement. Enjoy !

15 minutes morning yoga practice – video

By the request of some of my students here is a gentle 15min morning vinyasa yoga sequence to start your day and get the juices flowing ? This is a gentle yoga practice for all levels, take it easy, tune into your body, into your breath, notice how you feel and let your breath and your body guide you through this practice. Enjoy and have a lovely day!

Sun Salutation for Beginners – video

This is a simple sequence of yoga poses that anyone can do. You don’t have to be experienced, you don’t have to be young, fit or flexible to try it. And you can really benefit from 10-15 min of regular yoga practice. Keep your knees soft if you’re new to the practice, try engaging your belly to protect your lower back, relax your neck and the head. Don’t rush the movement, slowly start tuning into your body, feeling the rhythm of your breath and don’t forget to relax at the end. Enjoy the practice!