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Before starting yoga with Benita I was working long hours and finding it hard to relax or switch off. I was also having issues sleeping. In general, I have also always struggled with coordination and, in particular, balance, so someone suggested to me that I try yoga in order to connect more with my body and learn methods for relaxation.

I was slightly nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the class and that I would look silly, as I’d never done yoga before. However, Benita makes the class accessible to all levels of experience, so this wasn’t a problem at all.

I have gained so much from doing the beginners course and now my weekly yoga class. The class is a safe environment where I have an opportunity to completely focus on myself. Benita talks you through everything and encourages you to push yourself if you can, but doesn’t put any pressure on you. Each week I can feel myself being more able to move in different stretches. It has become one of the highlights of my week.

And there have been lots of good results, I’m better balanced, stronger and have really noticed the difference in the tone of my body. However, I’d say the best result is how much it has helped me to relax. I am sleeping better and am using the breathing techniques we learn in class to help me clear my mind and switch off from work. This has had a dramatic impact on my wellbeing.

Phoebe Pluckrose-Oliver, South-East London

I wasn’t a fit person at all but after my injury I had to exercise to get better and I realised how unfit I am.

I hate getting tired, being sweaty, with difficulties to catch a breath. I wanted to get fitter and enjoy group exercises but one hour of aerobic would probably have killed me. On the other side I was thinking that yoga may be boring – vinyasa is not. I know because I have tried!

Vinyasa yoga was the best choice just because it is challenging but I could manage and I enjoyed it from the beginning, I had never felt like a frailer – so it is very motivating. I practise because I want to get better but also I see some improvement…

Flexibility in my injured ankle is much better, my arms are stronger and surprisingly there is no back pain after 8 hours in front of my screen in the office!

Iwona Polak, East London

I have always had weak bones and as a child I had an accident which meant that I did not have as much hand strength and it has played a part in my adulthood. When I was diagnosed with Vitamin D and Iron defiance I knew I had to do something about it hence me deciding to try yoga and Vinyasa yoga in particular.

At first I was quiet sceptical about yoga particularly because I associated it with chanting and a lot of meditation. After researching the different types of yoga available and the best one for me I decided to take a class of Vinyasa yoga and I have never looked back! I love this type of yoga because you are constantly moving and stretching and synchronized to your breath so you never get bored.

Regular yoga practice with Benita has been fantastic. She is professional, patient and recognises that people have different strengths and accommodates everyone regardless of whether you’re a beginner at yoga or are advanced. Having attended her classes on a regular basis I would definitely say she is exceptional.

It is difficult to pick just one benefit because my posture, flexibility, body strength have all benefited equally. The synchronized breathing has especially helped to relax my mind and has helped to release any blockage of energy flow throughout my body. I believe that the experience has made me think more optimistically about situations I experience in life, and just life in general. If I had more money, I would most definitely take yoga classes on a daily basis. It is one of the best experience in my life.

Finally I have learned that if I focus on one goal and I believe in it, it will happen. It is not just focusing though acting is required too. In my point of view Yoga helps a lot of people to go through their problems. How? “If a person learns to focus in a class, she is learning how to focus in life.” In Benita I have found a teacher I enjoy and can relate to.

Martha Gichovi, East London

Before I started yoga I was suffering from depression a condition I have had for 8 years.

Everyday for a month my horoscope kept saying try yoga, so when I found it was at the barking bath house I decided to email Benita to try it, I went for one class but then signed up for the beginners course because I enjoyed it so much Now don’t get me wrong I didn’t know what to expect, I was very nervous and thought it would be all women sitting on cushions humming or something.

I can honestly say I absolutely love the class its well taught, friendly and everyone of us in the class has a good laugh, and if u can’t do a certain pose then there is no need to do and there are always different levels of the pose so choosing the right one is easy.

One of the best results I have gotten out of doing yoga is being able to remain in a calm manner stressful from life’s worries which has helped out with my depression, its become a good way to start the week and would definitely recommend anyone giving yoga a go. Best teacher ever.

Peter Nichols, East London

Before joining Benita’s yoga class I had only practiced yoga at home.

I wanted to find a class to try something a little more advanced under the guidance of a teacher but had slight reservations about weather the class would be too advanced or the routines too quick!

I needn’t have worried though as Benita always offers a few different options for each move so you can adapt it to your own level. The pace is just right and it’s great having the guidance of an experienced teacher like Benita so you know you’re doing the moves right. It’s really nice having a relaxing atmosphere set up too with a nice space and calming music. I like the fact that we work on a different area of the body with different routines each time as well as a few repeated moves which I always enjoy.

I suffer from quite a lot of shoulder, neck and back pain from using a computer every day and probably from bad posture habits but after going to yoga with Benita the pain and stiffness always disappears. I stand up straighter, my posture is improved and I can even breathe better. Aside from the physical benefits the classes always improve my mood and increase calmness – I just wish I could make it more often! – I have to sneak out of work early to make it on time – but it’s worth it!

Hether Whitt, East London

I have been doing yoga on an off for about 5 years before starting this class. I have also had two surgeries so sometimes I need to be careful about pushing myself too hard during the classes.

Yoga practise with Benita has been very beneficial and I feel that when I go regularly I feel much better and my body feels stronger. I would like to come more often.

I have tried other classes in the area, but I like this class the most. What I like about this class is that it is dynamic and the postures can be challenging, the groups are usually quite small and the fact that I have been able to develop a personal relationship.

Suzy Rabikowska, East London

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