As a little girl Benita started attending ballet dancing classes and even though she didn’t follow this path the love for dance and flowing, graceful movement since the early years has become a part of the way she likes expressing herself. Years later she qualified with YMCA as an exercise to music and step instructor and taught classes in East London. Her journey with yoga started in 2008, when she probably needed it most…. when problems with spinal discs in lumbar area appeared together with a stressful job in investment banking sector. She became strongly dedicated to her practice when realising yoga not only helped with her physical pain but it actually started balancing her whole life again. About three years later she began spreading her passion for yoga by teaching her friends and neighbours and in 2013 completed her foundational 200-hours Yoga Teacher Training (RYT200) in Sri Lanka with Australian school YogaArts based in Byron Bay (accredited by Yoga Alliance UK) under wonderful and inspiring teachers Louisa Sear, Rose Baudin, Lucy Roberts and Stu Girling. In 2017 she joined her teachers in Bali to deepen the knowledge and experience of practising and teaching yoga completing level 2 Yoga Teacher Training (RYT500). Over time, by learning how to help her lower back Benita became much more aware of her body, it’s movement patterns and correct alignment. With regular practice she learned to accept her body’s irregularities and limitations understanding that our bodies and injuries occurring in our lives are very often our best teachers. Her yoga classes are an evolving salute to her ongoing passion to integrate dynamic flow of postures (asanas), conscious breathwork (pranayama) and powerful wisdom of ancient yogic philosophy. Benita encourages students to connect with their own bodies to recognise their limitations, imbalances but also strength and potential and to trust their bodies. Discovering multidimentionality of our existence through the asana practice, connection with the breath, concentration and meditation opens the door to exploration, authenticity and harmony in body, mind and spirit.

Benita has also been attracted to the sound since as long as she can remember. The love of music has always been an important part of her life although only in her adulthood she fully realised the potential of intuitive expression through the sound and healing power of the sound vibrations that are connecting body, mind and spirit. This journey of sound re-discovery in recent years led her to train under a guidance of  Sound Healers Tom Soltron & Abby DelSol (The Tone of Life, Poland) and Gong Master Sheila Whittaker (Devon, UK) to become a Gong Player/Sound Healer. Sacred sounds are continually helping her to find a place of happiness and balance within by harmonising the vibrations of the body, connecting with True Self and reaching a state of relaxation where the natural healing process begins. Her aim is to share this experience with others, to create a space for peace, clarity and connecting with our own potential.

Benita offers Vinyasa Yoga courses for beginners, regular all levels classes, 1-2-1 yoga sessions, group or private Gong Bath sessions and Himalayan Singing Bowls Massage Therapy. Please check HERE for public group events or CONTACT Benita to enquire about private sessions.

About Benita

Benita has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for over 10 years, received her RYT200 - level1 yoga teacher certificate in Sri Lanka (YogaArts School) and RYT300- level2 in Bali, Indonesia (YogaArts School), accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Her classes are a creative and joyful experience with strong connection of mind and body, resulting in feeling energised but also balanced and calm. Suitable for all levels. read more

Benita is Experienced Yoga Teacher member of Yoga Alliance Professionals. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

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